Shaping the Sector (2016) – opens in new tab

This is a briefing for sector leaders, allied health and social services and decision makers that provides a snapshot of the sector and outlines NCAT’s vision on how to move forward. For a hardcopy fill out the contact form here.

Addiction Treatment Is Everybodys Business (2011) – opens in new tab

Alcohol and drug addiction affects everybody in some way. That means addiction treatment is everybody’s business. New Zealand’s health needs are rapidly increasing and this increase will result in significant changes in the coming decade, including the way we will need to deliver alcohol and drug treatment. This paper outlines the challenges that will be faced by the government, the treatment sector and the people of New Zealand, and what will need to be done to meet those challenges.

Investing In Addiction Treatment (2008) – opens in new tab

Addiction treatment is cost effective and reduces the significant harm that arises from alcohol, other drugs and problem gambling. Because addiction treatment works, NCAT has produced this book in order to provide those in funding, policy and leadership roles with high quality information which can in turn be used to develop high quality addiction services.

Profiling the AOD Sector Infographic 

Position Papers

Alcohol Law Reform Submission